S-series Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaners

Low Noise Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines.

Meltronics brings you the new Low Noise, Micro-controlled, Intelligent, Multi-frequency Ultrasonic generators. We call it, The S-Series - Silent... Noiseless Ultrasonic Cleaning.

Salient features of the S-series

S Series Table-Top Ultrasonic Cleaner

Model Ultrasonic Power Size (in mm) Capacity(in lit.) Heater Transducer Mount
UCS300W 300 W 250x200x200 10 500 W Bottom
UCS500W 500 W 350x300x200 20 1000 W Bottom
UCS600W 600 W 500x300x200 30 1500 W Bottom
UCS1000W 1000 W 500x300x200 30 1500 W Two Sides

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S-series Ultrasonic CleanersThe S-Series Ultrasonic Cleaner