About Us

M/s. Meltronics, brainchild of Mr. Suresh G. Mayangade, is manufacturer of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines & Material Handling Systems.
Since the year of our establishment, 1992, we have been successful in meeting every single customer's demands and continue doing the same with growing intense.

While serving customer needs, we have always concentrated on 4 D's - Deadline, Determination, Dedication and Development.

We started with Transformer Based Ultrasonic Circuits which were dominant those days. Keeping in mind the power loss using transformers, we stressed on development of transformer-less machines. Eventually by 1999-2000 we were successful in commercializing Transformer-less circuits. These provide more power and cleaning efficiency and are also easy to maintain at low cost.

In 2001, the full equipped fabrication unit was started. There was no need to depend on other vendors for tanks and outer body of machines. This helped us in decreasing our delivery period.
We have the best after sales service and one year guarantee on our circuitry.

With growing popularity of Automation, we started providing our clients with semi- to fully automated material handling systems with PLC control Panels, Design, Hardware and Fabrication all done under one roof.

Exports to China, Dubai, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are shining stars and guarantee of the quality for our product.

Your machines undergo following production stages:

For Material Handling Systems, the whole structure is constructed and is finalised only after your consent. All the last minute changes can be done without losing much time in fabrication shop.

Meltronics is a Lifetime Member of Metal Finishers' Association of India (MFAI). For more details please visit www.mfai.org MFAI membership